Yperia Hotel

Yperia Hotel is in Amorgos island in the Aegean sea. Being part of the Cyclades island complex, Amorgos is all about white, stone made houses with blue doors and windows and amazing front, little yards with pottery and colorful flowers.

Yperia Hotel follows this specific architecture, in full harmony with the rest of the picture, and is built inspired by the traditional Amorgian characteristics of the houses. It features spacious rooms. with most of them overlooking the Aegean, which all are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities for an absolutely comfortable stay.

The guest feels right away the difference in the way of life on the island, as they walking through the main door of the hotel since everything here is slowing down and the rhythms are a bit calmer.  Bright, genuine smiles and a warm welcome by the staff will make you loosing up all of your body and leave the tension and stress further away.

Yperia Hotel stands upon a small cliff above a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters. Though, you can enjoy yourself by the pool on the terrace, drinking refreshments of the bar and signature cocktails, relaxing on your deck chair, laying in the sun under the blue sky.

You can have your traditional and homemade breakfast in the privacy of your room or in the common area of the hotel and afterward to go straight to the beach below. Ormos Aegiali is a quiet place where only some boats reach during the day to its port. It is a unique place where you can have your vacation and spend some time with the family undisturbed by several city- noises.

Prepare yourself to feel moments of ultimate relaxation and joy being part of the island’s nature whether you are on the beach or exploring the picturesque villages of the mainland.

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